How to configure your iptv subscription with a MAG Inform box

Tutorial: How to configure your M3U  On VLC ?

The easiest way to watch IPTV on a PC is to use VLC.

IPTV is an Internet Protocol (IP) based television service using broadband as the medium for streaming. Basically, IPTV can be viewed with its media player on the IPTV website. Here we use VLC Media Player to broadcast TV channels.

It is one of the most powerful and widely used media players with the IPTV streaming option. It is available for all platforms, tabs and mobile PCs. To watch IPTV programs on the VLC media player, you need to download the m3u playlist.

In addition, the latest version of VLC Media Player is suitable for IPTV playback.

In this tutorial, we provide you with a simple guide to download and install IPTV for VLC.

  • Step 1: Download vlc .
  • Step 2: Copy the m3u link that you need to buy on the site store.
  • Step 3: Launch VLC, then click simultaneously on the keys (Ctrl+V) of your PC keyboard to paste the link. Then click on PLAY ( See image – key 1)

Step 4 : The channels will be displayed automatically, then, to find the complete list of channels, click on button 2 ( see picture – key 2)

How to avoid automatic channel change? (IPTV on PC )

The automatic change of channels is a problem often encountered with this system. With a few adjustments, this can be solved easily and quickly. To do this, use VLC to open the m3u IPTV link. Then you have to click twice on the button indicated above, then it’s all good.