Tutorial Smart iptv

How to configure an iptv subscription or install a m3u link on the Smart iptv application

Tutorial that explains how to install and Configure Smart iPTV on a Samsung or LG Smart TV

The Smart iPTV application allows you to benefit from your iPTV subscription (link or m3u file) on your Smart TV (Samsung or LG) without going through a Box. The Smart iPTV application is well known and recognized for its design and interface that allows you to easily configure your iPTV subscription on your smart tv.





1- Access the Smart Hub of downloadable applications on your smart tv.
2- Install the SMART IPTV application (also note that this application is paid for after a certain time, generally seven days from the date of its installation, a single purchase of 5.49 euro is enough to have it forever). To be able to purchase the application, go here: https://siptv.app/activation/
3- Open the application and retrieve the mac address (TV MAC) that will be used for activation.

1- Go to the SIPTV website: http://siptv.eu/mylist/
2- Type your MAC address that you have previously retrieved in the (MAC) field related to the option (Delete playlist) at the bottom of the page and check the Captcha box if the site asks you to do so. Then click on DELETE.
3- Type your MAC address that you have previously retrieved in the first field (MAC) (Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update).
4- Stick your m3u link that you must have purchased beforehand in the 2nd field (LINK).
(We do not recommend installing the m3u file instead of the m3u link BECAUSE this does not offer you the updates of the purchased content)
5- Choose from the drop-down menu France as country instead of ExUSSR,
6- Click on ADD LINK
7- A validation message will be displayed.
8- Please restart the application on your TV to access the channels.