Discover King365TV: the application of the moment with very advanced features


Today, the number of IPTV distributors can no longer be counted at the tip of your fingers. However, as far as quality is concerned, we can’t say that they are irreproachable. Among them, we find King365TV.

This one indeed attracts the majority of Internet users through its mobile application which scores points. With it, users benefit from updates in the easiest way possible. So, what are the reasons that justify the great success of this King365 application? How to access it? In the next few lines of this article, we will discuss these different points.

What to say about the King365TV application

You are probably wondering what the King365 application is. In fact, it is a tool that provides you with an IPTV subscription. With it, you can follow French channels as well as those from other countries and even VOD. With the application, subscribers can also view replays of the channels on French territory.
For those who want to enjoy offers of impeccable quality, King365 TV does not hesitate to meet their needs. This is why the application was created. It directly manages and adapts the devices.

Users can enjoy TV channels and VOD with Full HD resolution. Needless to say, this configuration is very appealing to many people, especially lovers of sports competitions. The joy of watching a game from a large TV set in incredible quality is indescribable.

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What are the features offered by the King365 TV application?

With the Theking365TV application, you can enjoy many features such as:

  • The Electronic Program Guide also called EPG, which gives you the possibility to be informed about the TV programs and to learn more about each broadcasted show;
  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the user to enjoy his subscription anywhere on the planet;
  • Missed a program? Don’t worry! With catch-up, you can catch up on what you missed;
  • Do you love to record highlights? Timeshift allows you to manage your recordings;
  • To get an overall idea of what’s going on, the user can try the zapping feature.

What justifies the high popularity of the King365TV application on the internet?

There are several points that make the King365 application impressive next to its competitors. This application attracts the maximum number of users.

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The proposed programs are quite diversified

One of the first things about the King365TV application that attracts the public is that it offers quite varied content. In addition, with more than a thousand channels available to the user, he can view a hundred in Full HD even when in France. In total, more than 250 channels can be followed in replay mode within a fortnight. Let’s also add that the languages offered are quite varied. You will just have to make your choice according to your expectations.

The pause function

Within the framework of VOD, the application allows the user to return to continue the film or television program he was watching. Even if you turn off your TV, you can continue watching it as soon as possible. And that’s not all, since you can also advance or rewind the program as you wish.

King365TV to a well-secured system

Another interesting point is that NordVPN is compatible with this service. The subscriber can watch streaming programs and IPTV in absolute comfort and security. This kind of option is rarely offered with similar applications.

An affordable price King 365 TV subscription

To take advantage of this service, the user will have to pay a maximum of 55 euros for 12 months. In financial terms, this seems quite economical. It should also be noted that you can pay via Bitcoin, PayPal, or credit card.

A system that updates itself automatically

The King365TV application has not finished differentiating itself from its competitors. Here, it should be noted that its updates are done automatically and it notifies you that there is maintenance in progress.

L’application King365tv box v3 apk 

About King365TV Box V3 / V3 application download

In order to download the application on your Android smartphone, go to the King365TV platform and click on download version 3.
If you have an iOS device, the installation will take the user’s login and password. It will then have to add the address (Contact the customer service for the URL) to box 3. To make it easier for you, check the remember and login box so that you can log in directly the next time.
It will be on the home page of the site (at the very top) that you will proceed to purchase the activation codes. Each one of these has a 12-month guarantee.
Finally, you must take into account the conditions concerning the offers available on King365TV. Thus, keep in mind that the delivery will be done by email on the day of your subscription. Also, you will be entitled to only one screen during the period and you will have to prepare 10 euros for the unlocking fees.