Everything You Need To Know About King365tv – 2022 Update

An Introduction to the Technology Behind King365TV

When you watch television, do you ever think about the technology used to transmit television signals?

There are many such technologies, and the generalized gradation between analog and digital television is long gone.

Unfortunately, as always, the development of technologies is far ahead of their use in France.

Nevertheless, thanks to the activity of the government, operators, and a number of technology companies, new technologies are starting to be used and developed in our country.

The use of the technology depends first of all on the infrastructure on the basis of which the video services are to be provided.

The way the subscriber has connected dictates the use of the technology.

For example, analog terrestrial television requires the installation of a television antenna, as does digital terrestrial television with DVB-T/T2 technology and digital satellite DVB-S/S2.

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Programs and Services of King365tv

There are various programs and services that allow you to watch TV channels on your computer and other devices, mostly mobile (ComboPlayer, Glas.TV, Parom.TV, etc.).

One of their advantages is that they are absolutely free.

For the most part, you can only watch the news, although in some cases you can buy the ability to watch additional, higher quality channels at a low cost.

There is also a dependence on the availability and quality of your Internet, but there is no dependence on the weather (if the Internet is wired).

Viewing something on the TV screen: you can only display an image from your computer, which requires connecting the TV to a video card and controlling the mouse wirelessly.

In general, this is inconvenient, very limited in channels and does not offer a pleasant viewing quality.

Comparison of King365tv With Other Ways To Watch Videos

While analog television is a thing of the past, there are many other ways to watch television today.

The most popular are digital terrestrial broadcasting, cable and satellite television.

But there are also other options, including smart TV, special programs, services, and the so-called IPTV, for which there are special tuners with upgradeable firmware :

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We will discuss it in this short article, comparing it with other ways of watching TV channels, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

First, we will describe all current technologies, and then the differences between IPTV.

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What you need to watch IPTV using King365tv

To watch IPTV with King365iptv, you need to have an Internet connection and one of the packages mentioned above, which will run the software to play the IPTV stream.

Advantages of King365iptv:

Integrated multi-service

King365tv users can use many other services.

Like accessing the Internet with VPN, using the subscription on multiple devices.


king365tv box v3 apk
 The application King365TV Box V3

Highly interactive

Allowing users to actively interact with King 365 TV, it is easy to meet some of their needs directly on this TV method.

For example, find any program you want to watch by name, watch multiple channels at the same time, provide information about the program.

In fact, you can still do this on traditional television, but it is very complicated. There must be an interactive connection between the transmitter and receiver, combined with a network infrastructure. Thus, King365iptv interaction is more advantageous than other television methods.

IP switching technology

Thanks to King365iptv ‘s IP switching technology, TV program data can be stored in a central location.

Only when the user requests a channel can it be transmitted.

This allows multiple services to be provided for King 365 IPTV, unlike cable and satellite TV, which sends all the channel signals at once, wasting bandwidth.

Home Network

Many multimedia functions are now integrated into the TV when using Box IPTV, such as viewing photos, videos, or using a regular TV.

Thus, the perfect home network, unique, will meet the needs of all users.

Video on Demand (VOD)

With video on demand (VOD), viewers can request to watch any video they want.

  • Maximum control over TV programs
  • In addition to the ability to watch VOD, VOD also has the advantage of allowing maximum control over TV programs.
  • Users can choose the programs they want to save to watch later.
    • the remote control of your device has all the necessary functions to view the content.
  • King365 offers programs according to the user’s needs, not by default like traditional TV.

High-quality HD, Full HD, 4K television

Users can watch HD, Full HD, 4K video, and audio programs.

Thanks to the fact that King 365 supports the broadband connection.


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